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Sketchbook: Summer 2020

I didn't create much in 2020, but I studied a lot, especially through summer. I've been focused lately on my general process more than particular subjects. You know those days when things seem to click, you think clearly, and creativity seems to flow? For me, those days are few and far between, but my goal is to learn what it takes to find that headspace at will, or at least more often. In the process, I've learned to slow down and observe, refine, and see things through, as well as take proper breaks and take care of myself to keep my mind in shape.

By mid-summer I felt like I was breaking through a plateau, with sketches getting cleaner and volumes starting to look better.. from here, it's back to battling old foes.. drapery, hands, facial anatomy, etc., but things are clicking much more now, so I feel good about my growth over the year.