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I've been inspired by art since I was young, portrait drawings, concept art, and illustration especially. It wasn't until more recent years that I became truly determined and started to pour hours a day into study and practice to refine my skills. I draw to tell stories with my art and share with the world what I see in my minds eye.


I knew I wanted to be a photographer after watching a friend photograph cups he’d stacked and arranged in a moment of spontaneity. Watching his creative mind at work, shining a light at the cup sculpture and maneuvering himself and his camera into different positions, I thought about how strange the process seemed, but how cool it was to find art in an otherwise mundane setting. When I was gifted my first camera soon after, I took that small point-and-shoot with me everywhere, prepared to find opportunity at every moment. My passion for photography grew synchronously with my love of nature and travel.

Photography helps us see the beauty we may otherwise miss or take for granted. I take each photo hoping to do justice to the wonders I find in my adventures.


I've always been enamored with art and, in general, the beauty around us. From its ability to shape our societies or uplift our spirits when we need it most to its interwoven relationship with science and universal order, all of it fascinates and inspires me. To me, it's a language that speaks straight to the heart and connects us with the unseen rhythms of the natural world.

I came into my skills fairly late, but there was a moment when life taught me that the only obstacle between me and where I want to be is myself. I've driven myself over the years since then to refine my skills in illustration and photography with a desire to share the beauty that inspires me with others.

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