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A Walk Through Golden Trees

October 9, 2019

Various lakes and trails in Aspendell, CA, fall 2019

Exploring the Eastern Sierras has been somewhat of an obsession in the last few years. Every place and season has its unique wonder. Aspen groves found at around 8,000 - 9,000 ft beside the cool creeks and lakes are particularly famous for their vibrant autumn display.

Catching the fall color at its peak can be challenging. The ideal time varies year to year and lasts a brief few weeks before the branches are stripped bare. The color peaked earlier than I expected on this occasion. In the spirit of opportunism, I made an unplanned trip to photograph the color while it lasted.

These photos were taken along the road to North Lake Campground and on the Sabrina to Blue Lake trail. It's a steep 3 miles from Sabrina to Blue Lake, with Blue Lake just a bit over 10,000 ft., but the lakes, rivers, and meadows at such heights are a worthy reward.

Lake Sabrina - Bishop, CA - October 9, 2019
A Walk Through Golden Trees
Blue Lake, southwest of Lake Sabrina (above and below)
A Walk Through Golden Trees
Lake Sabrina
Road to North Lake Campground